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Trustex Flavored Lubricated Condoms - 12 Pack Assorted

Trustex Flavored Lubricated Condoms - 12 Pack Assorted
  • Brand: Trustex
  • Model: AL-4040
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Hate the smell and taste of latex? Trustex Flavored Lubricated Condoms are here to banish those other, less-than-pleasant smelling and tasting condoms to the b ack of your nightstand drawer!

These latex condoms are strong and durable with a reservoir tip, and lubricated for comfort during sex. The scrumptious flavors make them ideal for oral sex - they'll kickstart your senses and help you focus on your partner instead of the distracting taste and scent of latex.

Assorted flavors include: vanilla, banana, strawberry, grape, cola, mint and ch ocolate.
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Brand Trustex
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