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Trojan Pleasure Pack - 12 Pack

  • Trojan Pleasure Pack - 12 Pack
  • Trojan Pleasure Pack - 12 Pack
Trojan Pleasure Pack - 12 Pack
  • Brand: Trojan Condoms
  • Model: TJ95302
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Trojan Pleasure Pack featues an assortment of Trojan's most stimulating condoms to provide sensual excitement for both partners every time.

Included in each Pleasure Pack are:

4 Twisted condoms: designed with deep ribs to help stimulate both partners in their most sensitive areas.

4 Sensations condoms: ribbed and contoured for extra enjoyment and stimulation.

2 Intense condoms: featuring deep ribs along the condom & Ultrasmooth (TM) premium lubricant for comfort and sensitivity.

2 Warming condoms: the Warm Sensations Lubricant helps enhance sensual pleasure for both partners.

Variety pack.
Product Details
Weight 0.15lb
Dimensions (L x W x H) N/A x N/A x N/A
Brand Trojan Condoms
CountryofOrigin US
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Categories: Made in the USA, Condoms, Lubricated Condoms, 12 Packs, Ribbed & Studded, Warming

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